Castle Waiting

 by Linda Medley

Castle Waiting, and its sequel, Castle Waiting 2 (Fantagraphics, 2006 and 2011), were originally available as a series of award-winning individual comic books. I’m hopeful that they’ll gain a much-deserved wider reading audience now that the collection has been brought together and republished in two beautifully produced volumes. Beginning with a Sleeping Beauty-like backstory of her cursed birth, the tale extends outward as the hobgoblin-infested castle where Sleeping Beauty grew up becomes a sanctuary for anyone in need. Each of the motley crew at the heart of these tales has sought out the confines of the castle looking for support, friendship, and comfort. They include Jain, a pregnant aristocrat on the run from an arranged marriage; Beakie, a merchant; a horse-headed knight named Sir Destrier; a group of bearded nuns (who were once part of a circus); as well as various other, equally distinctive characters. In the second collection, we continue to learn more about all the appealing characters before they came to Castle Waiting; we also follow their ongoing interactions with one another. The black and white drawings are precisely drawn, with small endearing touches that render each character entirely unique. The dialogue is clever and filled with subtle grace notes of drollness and humor. The set will be especially appealing to readers of all ages who enjoy seeing and reading traditional fairy tale tropes teased and played with, all with a sense of good-humored fun. Once you’ve read them, I know you’ll join those of us who are eagerly awaiting the appearance of Castle Waiting 3.



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7 responses to “Castle Waiting

  1. Dear Nancy,

    I would be delighted to send you a copy of Castle In The Mist. Where should I send it?
    Best regards,

  2. Have you read Castle In The Mist…the story of how dogs came down to earth to teach people about unconditional loyalty and love and prevent war in the land of the Forest people by saving the kidnapped children from the Castle In The Mist… like no other book you’ve read…from the Planet of the Dogs series.

  3. I just finished re-reading volume two last night, and this is a strong contender to be on moi all time fave list, ‘though ’tis hard to say how it will all play out o’er time. Nevertheelest, all of the characters are so well crafted, and I especially love the following three: Chess, Sister Peace and Prudence …

  4. L. Washington

    I’ve read both volumes of Castle Waiting and absolutely love them. I have scoured the Internet looking for any information about volume 3. I would so love a third volume!

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