To Color the Wind

Guest Blog by Jean Hays Mishler

In the trilogy To Color the Wind: The Wolf Head Amulet, The Golden Stag, and King’s Capture, Barbara Glynn has created a fantastic world.  The heroine, Jesipam, endears herself to the reader immediately with her quick wit, cunning, and outside-of-the-box thinking.  Only a child, she is thrust into adult responsibilities when she and her sister are cast out of court,  thanks to a tempestuous king who is also their father.  Alone amid strangers, Jesipam must make new alliances, keep her sister safe and fed, and discover how to use and control her own strange magical powers.  Along the way, she tirelessly works to regain the life to which she is entitled. 

Tirshaw, a rich world of desert, spices, and magic, where communication happens via “thread tubes,” will entice young readers with its unusual people and customs. Three “houses” of differing life values contend for power. Jesipam cleverly weaves her way among the houses, and in the process gives the reader a clear view of this complicated political landscape. This fantasy series gives an entertaining glimpse into a new world, but also serves as metaphor for many current events where politics and value clashes cast large shadows on individuals and their life opportunities.

Even though I am an adult, I found Glynn’s writing captivating and could not put the books down.  Her skillful suspense kept me turning the page and waiting at the mailbox for the next book delivery.  I highly recommend these books, especially to young readers, as the heroine is such a great role model for that age group.

Jean Hays Mishler is a writer and singer who primarily makes her living teaching private voice lessons. If you are interested in hearing her music, listen here:



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3 responses to “To Color the Wind

  1. I cannot find any of these books at the Seattle Public LIbrary. Are they new? Help?

  2. Jan

    Cool. Guest blogs. I like, I like. :O)

  3. Thank you for your review! I will look forward to reading what sounds like a great series!

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